Venice: “€500 fine if you wheel your suitcase”

Tourists will now be required to pick their suitcases up

Venice has introduced an unlikely measure in its battle to protect the city from the impact of tourists – banning the use of wheelie suitcases, TTG Digital reports.

The city council passed the latest law amid complaints about the noise of large tour groups dragging their bags over bridges, which local residents have said keeps them awake at night, and ultimately amounts to noise pollution.

Tourists will now be required to pick their suitcases up, with only those that have inflated tyres to be permitted to be wheeled.

Visitors who fail to comply with the laws will face a fine up to €500. Venetians themselves, however, will be exempt from the law.

It is the latest measure introduced in a bid to limit the impact of the 20 million tourists who visit Venice every year. Earlier this year, the city launched a campaign to try to discourage couples from attaching padlocks to the city’s bridges as a symbol of love, arguing that the old structures were too fragile to bear the weight.

There have also been complaints over the number of cruise ships visiting the city, with residents complaining that the ships sometimes sail dangerously close to the shore and are an eyesore.

TTG Digital

[photo: European Space Imagery]

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