Vietnam has big tourism investment plans

Future south-east Asian tourism magnet decides to invest billions

Vietnam is planning to invest billions in its creaky tourism infrastructure over the coming decade, with an estimated $42.5 billion in investment set aside over the next 10 years. The plan has concrete targets, aiming to increase international tourist arrivals from 5.5 million last year to 10.5 million by 2020 and domestic tourism from 28 million trips to nearly 50 million over the same timeframe. The state will put forward around 20% of the funds and the rest will be invested by local and foreign private investors.
Vietnam is likely to focus on developing infrastructure development in the fields of marine tourism, MICE, eco-tourism and medical tourism. The country’s tourism industry has managed to attract a great deal of foreign investment in recent years, particularly in hotel and resort development. Pressure is now growing to develop these services rather than simply relying on the stunning natural scenery and heritage sites.
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[pictured: Ha Long Bay]