Violent incidents hit tourists in Costa Rica

Armed men target boat-load of tourists in Limon

Two violent incidents involving tourists in the normally safe haven of Costa Rica occurred this week.

An assault at gunpoint targeted tourists in the province of Limon. A group of 30 or 40 tourists were on way to a hotel in Tortuguero by boat when they were intercepted by a speedboat. Four men then robbed the tourists of their cash, passports and other belongings.

The tourists were from the USA, Spain and other countries. A search for the robbers is being conducted with the help of the Coast Guard.

In a separate incident, a Russian tourist was shot dead in Jacó in what is initially being called self-defence. The 62-year-old man, referred to in press reports by the surname Grigorenko, had entered the country to visit his son. According to witnesses the man appeared to be having some kind of nervous breakdown, throwing furniture and appliances out of the building where he was staying. When he lunged at a neighbour with a knife he was shot three or four times.


[pictured: Red-eyed tree frog, photographed near Playa Jaco, Costa Rica]

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