Visa-free travel to China extends to Guangzhou

Guangzhou and its province are attracting foreigners

Visitors from 45 countries are able to explore the sites of Shanghai and Beijing without the hassle of getting a visa with 72-hour visa-free transit to China. Now Guangzhou is also attracting foreigners with a visa-free stay.

A Forbes writer fondly remembers his first trip to Guangzhou, China’s southern business mecca and home to some of the country’s best cuisine, in the 1980s. He saw caged deer and other live animals destined for dinner tables and a nearby restaurant “where a cheerful waitress offered me a hot soup of ‘old snake’ and ‘young cat’ to enhance my virility”.

Besides the city itself, the visa for the city once known as Canton is reportedly good for travel throughout Guangdong Province. About an hour from Guangzhou is the city of Foshan, which has a history in the porcelain trade and beautiful architecture.

“It’s easy to find flights in and out Guangzhou on China Southern Airlines, the big Chinese carrier based in the city,” the writer concludes.


[pictured: Downtown Guangzhou]


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