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Photo: Visit Aalborg

Visit Aalborg, shouts New York Times

Aalborg is in the top ten most interesting places to visit worldwide this year, the reputable newspaper writes.

Aalborg, Denmark’s fourth-largest city, is the eighth most interesting travel destination for 2019, according to The New York Times.

The reputable newspaper recently published its 52 Places to Go in 2019 list, including the North Jutland city among an eclectic range of regions, towns and territories.

The US territory Puerto Rico is number one, while Aalborg is situated on the list between two exotic archipelagos – Japan’s southern Setouchi Islands and Portugal’s Azores.

“Viking longships once glided through Aalborg’s mighty Limfjord. Today, the city is turning its most famous natural asset into an artistic one,” the NYT writes.

It specifies the Utzon design centre, the Musikkens Hus concert hall, the Aalborg Street Food and Nordkraft, a power plant turned into a cultural hub, among its highlights.

It adds: “The historic Aalborg Akvavit distillery, which produced the potent Scandinavian spirit, is being transformed into a new creative district over the next two years.”

Rasmus Jerver, director of Visit Aalborg, was delighted with the achievement.

“It’s fantastic. When you know the city, and are used to marketing it, it’s easy to understand,” he told the broadcaster DR.

“So when someone comes from outside and confirms that what we think about the city is also the experience they have of it, that’s just great.”

He said that neither Visit Aalborg nor the municipality had promoted the city to the NYT directly. Aarhus, south of Aalborg, placed 16th on the list in 2016.

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