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VisitAarhus merges with VisitSilkeborg

VisitSilkeborg has become a part of VisitAarhus, as the second destination to merge with it in six months.

VisitAarhus and VisitSilkeborg have chosen to merge from July 1. The merger takes place in agreement with the municipal government of Silkeborg and on the basis of a new law on business promotion and tourism.

According to VisitAarhus, the merger will create “a larger and more energetic destination with a big city, beach and natural surroundings under one brand, strong at meetings and conferences”.

For VisitSilkeborg, the merger means, among other things, that the destination gets more support to carry out its tourism strategy and vision of making Silkeborg-Søhøjlandet the “outdoor capital of Denmark”.

“Together we build a destination with greater geography, stronger diversity and more muscles to strengthen tourism across the board. Aarhus is a large and international brand, and the merger will increase Silkeborg’s visibility on the international scene,” says Liselotte Nis-Hanssen, tourist manager at VisitSilkeborg.

Marriage of convenience
When the two destinations merge, Nis-Hanssen will be at her desk on Østergade in Silkeborg, where the local tourism service will continue to operate as before. The merger is primarily based on the convenience of cooperating on international marketing and the development of a common destination.

This is the second time in six months that Aarhus tourism has merged with another area. At the beginning of this year, VisitAarhus together with Destination Djursland brought the city and coast together.

In Aarhus, the new tourism director Pia Lange Christensen, who joined in May, looks forward to spreading the story of the Jutland capital.

“This is a happy marriage, which is also part of the development towards a larger and stronger destination company with Aarhus as a growth engine,” Christensen claims.

“The Aarhus area offers an attractive package of city experiences and coastline, and with Silkeborg in hand, we strengthen the brand with a razor-sharp outdoor product and fantastic scenery around Søhøjlandet. This will increase tourism broadly and create growth locally,” she says.

The new organisation will represent a tourism turnover of DKK 8.3 billion (€1.1 billion). According to VisitAarhus, several other municipalities have shown an interest in becoming part of the growing destination brand.

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