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Voice-driven hotel revenue tech debuts at ITB

Hoteliers can now ask, “Hey Alexa, what’s my occupancy forecast next month?”

Hospitality’s first voice-driven revenue management platform is being debuted at ITB Berlin today. A possible example of how the system could be used would be to ask a question such as, “Hey Alexa, what’s my occupancy rate / forecast / competitor rates this weekend?”

The development means that IDeaS G3 RMS, known as one of the most widely used revenue management solutions in the industry, is now compatible with devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home, and in multiple languages.

The interface will be accessible anywhere a user has the appropriate technology and internet access – at the office, from home or even while travelling.

IDeaS Revenue Solutions claims the tech will help drive workplace efficiency and productivity, as hoteliers can gain instant access to a range of real-time performance data and metrics through smart speaker devices.

Key challenge
As businesses look into adopting voice interaction technology in the workplace to drive efficiency, a key challenge is integration with existing legacy platforms and tools. IDeaS says it has broken this barrier for hotels with the unveiling of its voice-based interface.

It will give hoteliers instant access to performance data such as occupancy, room rates, competitor rates, forecasts and revenue details.

“Our goal is simple: to continually push the innovation boundaries to enable hotels’ success, whether it be deep machine learning, artificial intelligence or voice-enabled interaction,” says IDeaS founder and chief scientist Ravi Mehrotra.

Powered by SAS Business Intelligence – previously Statistical Analysis System and nothing to do with the airline – IDeaS has more than 1.6 million rooms priced daily on its advanced systems, supporting over 10,000 clients in 124 countries.

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