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Volunteers clean Nordic waters with free kayaks

A Danish NGO has just launched its programme in three more locations where paddlers can use a kayak for free to clean waste from the waters of rivers and lakes.

GreenKayak, a Danish NGO with the goal of reducing the amount of refuse in rivers and lakes, has recently launched additional locations in Copenhagen, Hamburg and Bergen.

According to a press release from the organisation, this brings the total number of GreenKayaks in Bergen to 5, Hamburg to 6 and Copenhagen to 10.

In addition to the single cities in Norway and Germany, GreenKayaks can be found in Dublin, Ireland and four other Danish locations – Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense and Præstø.

GreenKayak is also asking people to help expand the programme to other cities and countries.

The process
Volunteers can borrow two-person, sit-on-top style kayaks free of charge for a certain period of time.

They then collect waste on the surface of the water and return with their “catch”.

Kayaks can be highly effective at collecting waste because of their ability to ply waters that are otherwise difficult to reach. Additionally, the sit-on-top design of the GreenKayaks makes them very stable, and the organisation claims that previous kayaking experience is not necessary to use one.

Paddlers are provided with lifejackets and equipment for collecting waste when they take the craft.

GreenKayak claims on their site that during a two year period “several thousand volunteers used a GreenKayak in the harbours of Copenhagen and Aarhus collecting more than ten tons of waste.”

It also asks its volunteers to share their experiences from the kayak on social media with the hashtags #greenkayak and #miljøkajakken.

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