Warnings against travel to Kenya intensify

Travel advice follows series of coastal kidnappings of tourists

Foreign ministries across Europe have changed their travel advice for tourists visiting Kenya, intensifying warnings against travel to the country’s northern coast. This follows several kidnappings of tourists staying within 150 km of the border with Islamist-controlled Somalia. The UK Foreign Office now warns against all but essential travel to areas along Kenya’s coastline within 150 km of the border; previously its limit was 60 km.
A French woman was kidnapped on Saturday from her home on the island of Manda, which is separated by a lagoon from the resort island of Lamu. In September, gunmen killed a British tourist and kidnapped his wife in Kiwayu, taking her to Somalia. “Both attacks were on beach-front properties,” the British warning stated. “Beach-front accommodation in that area and boats off the coast are vulnerable.”
[pictured: Almadow Mountains, Sanaag, Somalia]