Wedding venue bans foreigners after sex photo

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Monastery in Rhodes halts weddings as image goes viral
A monastery in Rhodes has banned foreigners from marrying there after a couple were photographed nearby appearing to perform a sex act.
The picture of the pair from Birmingham, UK, was published in numerous news media. The groom has his trousers and pants down and is punching the air as his wife kneels before him in her bridal gown.
Reportedly taken by a member of the family, the image was posted on Facebook and went viral, prompting the island’s leading church figure, Bishop Kyrillos, to halt all foreign weddings at the monastery of St Paul.
The couple said of the photo that they “didn’t expect it to be as popular as it was”. But Mathilde Robert, managing director of Planet Weddings, said repercussions would be felt for a long time.
“The indecent behaviour of one couple may cause the unhappiness of hundreds and dent the wedding market to Rhodes,” she said.
“This is tragic. It really is a pity to read so many articles […] that highlight Britons behaving badly. We have never had any issues with the thousands of couples whose weddings we have organised and are gutted by this news.”
She said she understood why the church instigated the ban. “We can but pray and hope that dialogue will help the Bishop reconsider, but we understand his reaction completely.” She added that the travel industry could follow the example of football, and ban those who behave badly from further travel.