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Welcome to Norway, “land of chlamydia”

A provocative new ad popping up around Oslo is welcoming tourists to Norway, for the wrong reasons.

A new poster campaign for condoms by the convenience store 7-eleven is angering Norway’s tourist board with its message about the prevalence of venereal disease, The Local reports.

The poster shows a young Norwegian couple dressed in traditional outfits in front of snow-capped mountains and fjords. One of the captions reads, “Welcome the Land of the Fjords”, then adds in smaller type: “And Chlamydia”.

Visit Norway’s marketing developer Stein Ove Rolland complains to the newspaper Dagbladet, “(This) makes Norwegians seem like uncouth, lewd, sex-mad people”.

He adds: “This is not a good advert for Norway, and as a depiction of Norway and Norwegians it is a disaster.”

The posters are strategically on display at key travel sites such as Oslo Central Station, making it likely to be one of the first images greeting incoming tourists when they arrive.

Accurate ads?
However, Tore Holte Follestad from the Norwegian sexual health body Sex and Society praised the ad, saying that Norway’s own health authorities should run a similar campaign.

It “conveys an important message in a non-judgmental way, and it will be noticed,” he told Dagbladet, adding that the claim of the prevalence of chlamydia in Norway is an accurate one.

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