What’s most important when booking a hotel?

Are people more concerned about housekeeping than security?

A new survey of 1,000 people sponsored by the property and insurance group Chubb Group of Insurance Companies has concluded that cleanliness is the most important factor people keep in mind when choosing a hotel. Almost half (43%) of all respondents named cleanliness as being the vital factor informing their choice. This was followed by price at 23%, location at 19% and security at 11%. The remainder named other factors or chose not to answer.
Chubb Group’s response was that security should have been the number-one choice by more respondents. “Travellers should take safety precautions more seriously, and travel security should be higher on their checklist than cleanliness,” said a senior vice president. “It seems that more people are concerned about housekeeping than security.”
USA Today
[pictured: Swissotel Nankai, Osaka]