What are the top travel trends for 2015?

Local experiences, smartwatch apps and poshtels

Travellers will increasing hunt for authentic local experiences in 2015, a new travel trends report claims, for example preferring meals in private homes rather than eating in classy restaurants.

More stylish but cost-conscious travellers will stay at poshtels (posh hostels), the study by World Travel Market and Euromonitor International claims. These hostels with a luxury facelift are proving to be tempting alternatives to boutique hotels.

“Poshtels are more than a buzzword,” thinks World Travel Market senior director Simon Press: “They represent a viable accommodation option for a number of traveller segments.”

Cycling holidays will get even more popular, endangering golf tourism, and Africa has been named the world’s top new location for surfing.

More travellers will use the latest technology like smartwatches to plan and manage trips, Some hotels, airlines and travel companies have already released smartwatch apps that act as room keys and can be used to find the best travel deals, book flights and download boarding passes.


[pictured: Pebble Smartwatch]

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