What do people buy at Helsinki Airport?

Chinese passengers impact spending choices
Hit products at Helsinki Airport in 2016 were Moomin mugs, rye bread and books, airport operator Finavia says. But the products that sold the most were coffee, water and chocolate.
A total of three million cups of coffee were consumed at the airport during the year – more than 8,000 cups a day. Incredibly, the number of cups of coffee drunk at the airport increased by roughly a million from 2015.
More than a million bottles of water were bought. In addition, tens of thousands of water bottles were filled at the free water-bottle filling stations installed at the airport in summer 2016.
Chocolate is a popular souvenir as well as being a snack enjoyed during the flight. People bought more than 200,000 kg of chocolate at Helsinki Airport last year – around 550 kg per day.
Other hit products in 2016 were Moomin mugs (20,000 sold), books (120,000 sold) and rye bread (45,000 bags sold).
The most enthusiastic shoppers come from China, Finavia maintains.
“The flow of Chinese passengers to Finland has increased, which is clearly shown by airport shopping statistics,” says Elena Stenholm, the airport’s commercial director. “Shopping, making tax free purchases in particular, is an important way for Chinese passengers to spend time at the airport.”
The most popular product groups among Chinese passengers include cosmetics, jewellery, watches and fashion, European luxury brands in particular. Finnish products are popular souvenirs.
“Finnish health products, like berry powders and fish oils, are popular, as the Chinese appreciate the clean air and nature of Finland,” Stenholm confirms.
TTG Nordic