What not to wear on a cruise

Advice on revealing clothing and amorous urges
Cruise news site Cruise Critic has posted an entertaining article with advice on what not to wear on board a cruise ship and some behavioural tips.
Despite the relaxed atmosphere on most cruises, there are certain rules when it comes to dress codes – by the pool, at dinner and even in the cabin. It’s not the case that at sea, anything goes.
“Gentlemen, it’s time to face facts – Speedos are not your friend,” the writer advises. “The same goes for thongs, g-strings and any other below-the-waist sartorial offering that can be measured in millimetres.”
String bikinis can also “end up revealing more than you (or your fellow cruisers) bargained for”, while the policy for topless sunbathing varies depending on cruise line and ship.
At dinner, passengers have been known to wear bunny slippers, pyjamas and bathrobes, but these should be ruled out, as should clothing that is intentionally or unintentionally revealing.
In the cabin, meanwhile, “you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want, with one big exception – when the curtains are open”. Amorous balcony or open-curtain activities are also the source of much amusement on a typical cruise, as are romantic moments in glass elevators. The article can be read in full here.
Cruise Critic