What saves the most time: air or rail?

Trends show that trains are chosen if travel is less than 1500km

In Europe, air has long been the natural realm for business travel, while rail travel has been seen as an option more for economy-conscious leisure travellers. But as high-speed rail travel, gathers momentum, it’s now increasingly viable as an alternative mode of transport for suit-wearing, laptop-carrying types. However, rail travel in Europe has not stolen the market. As British Airways’ regional commercial manager Neil Ager has pointed out, “Our London City services to 16 European destinations offer customers a central location and a check-in time of as little as 15 minutes, making it a great time saving option.”
But travel trends show that if the distance is less than 1500 km and there is high-speed rail on offer, travellers of all kinds will choose the train – it’s quicker, city centre to city centre, more relaxing, often has Wi-Fi, lounge access, express check-in and flexible ticket options.
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