What do travellers most want at airports?

Survey: free-of-charge wifi tops list of fliers’ biggest wishes

The chance – free of charge – to check emails, use the web and catch up on social networking sites is top of the list of people regularly using airports, according to a new study. GO Airport Express, a ground transportation services provider based in Chicago. The company surveyed fliers throughout the US on how they spend their time while waiting to board and what they wish was available to make this time more enjoyable.
Once they pass through security, 50% of the respondents said they spent their time “reading”, while just “waiting by the gate” ranked number two, with 35% of respondents. Next came surfing the Internet, at 24%, followed by eating or drinking and shopping at 21% and 14%, respectively.
Participants were then asked what activities or amenities they would engage in if offered by the airports. Answers varied from playing billiards to practicing yoga and having a nice place to work. But free WiFi topped the results, with close to 30% saying they wished it was available in all airports.
Fox News
[pictured: Eastern Rotunda, Copenhagen Airport; courtesy Copenhagen Airports]