What will vacations look like in 2050?

Premier Inn reports on rise of the “virtual vacation”

The budget hotel brand Premier Inn has revealed the results of a new report which suggests that by the year 2050, vacationers will be able to feel, taste and smell their holidays whilst sitting at their desks. A range of emerging trends, developments and advancements in technology were explored to understand the future of travel. Key concepts of the “holiday of the future” include “try-before-you-buy”, a new consumer experience for travellers thanks to a fully immersive, multi-sensory 3D version of the internet. Customers will be able to sample every aspect of their getaway, from the beach to the bar, before they go.
Extreme holiday patterns will become commonplace as the duration of holidays become more fluid. An increase in part-time careers and variable working hours will result in consumers taking anything from three-day to three-month breaks. Multi-generational holidays and niche trips within certain interest groups will increase.
Advancements in technology will see robots in regular use across the travel and service industries. Hotel rooms will have digital wallpaper and flexible, digitally-controlled interiors such as movable walls.
However, the report predicts that global travel will become regulated as a preventive measure against global warming, leading to an increase in domestic holidays.
[pictured: Finnair Future Flying]