Where are international flights cheapest?

Buying a ticket in China massively cheaper than Canada
Overseas flights from China are the most affordable in the world, according to a new study by kiwi.com.
The study shows that international flights from China are, on average, the cheapest of the world’s 75 most frequently visited countries at US$1.22/100km for low-cost international flights and US$2.84/100km for full-service international flights.
The most expensive are from Canada, costing on average US$43.70/100km for low-cost and US$94.66/100km for full-service international flights.
Chinese tour operator Sublime China explained that foreign travellers buying flights from China may not see many savings, as they tend to use a Western flight booking website.
Using Chinese sites like Ctrip.com can save travellers more than 20% on identical flights.
“Many factors may cause this such as lower agency fees, commission charges and the inclusion of low-cost local airlines in these websites,” said Monica Guan, marketing representative at Sublime China.
“China’s major cities are international transportation hubs to other major cities around the world and include many low-cost airlines that fly around Asia. Not only does this give travellers more options, but it allows China to offer cheaper flights because of the high supply.”
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