Where are Nordic hotel rates rising most?

Prices in Reykjavik rise by 14% in 2011, fall by 5% in Oslo

The cost of hotel rooms in the Nordic countries increased in 2011. However, one big city experienced a decrease. According to Hotels.com’s latest Hotel Price Index survey, which is based on booking data from 129,000 properties, hotel rates in Reykjavik rose by as much as 14%, in Stockholm by 11%, in Copenhagen and Bergen by 4%, in Malmö by 3%. They remained the same in Helsinki. But in Oslo hotel rates decreased on average by 5%. Worldwide, hotel prices rose by 4%.
The significant rise in that the Icelandic capital shows that the country has risen from the “ashes” of its societal and economic crisis, says Alison Couper, communications director at Hotels.com.
“Iceland and Reykjavik came in earnest on many lips in connection with bank failures and the infamous ash cloud, and this, together with its drastic depreciation of the currency, attracted many tourists, leading the country’s property prices to recover.”
Stockholm’s increase reflects Sweden’s strong economy and stable currency. Prices in Copenhagen increased slightly but are still far from 2008.
Oslo’s fall is due to the fact that they were so high to start with. Yvonne Bonanati, PR chief at Hotels.com: “Oslo has long been known as one of the more expensive destinations in the Nordic region to visit, and while Oslo has declined moderately, the city’s hotel rates are still high compared to many of the other Nordic cities.”
[pictured: Superior room, Scandic Hallandia, Halmstad, Sweden; photographer: Åke E:son Lindman; courtesy Scandic]


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