Where do Mid-East giants stand in Nordics and Europe?

Sweden and Norway are “MEB3’s” smallest western Europe markets

The MEB3 – the Middle East Big 3 airlines, according to an expression coined by anna.aero to refer to Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad – continue to expand in Europe, where the three have collectively increased seat capacity in the last year by 23%. Emirates is preparing new routes to Lyon and Warsaw, Qatar Airways to Warsaw and Belgrade. Emirates offers more than 2.5 times as many seats to destinations in Europe as Qatar Airways, which in turn is twice as big in Europe as Etihad, which has a more careful approach.
And the three have differing European network strategies.
Emirates dominates in the UK and, despite difficulties gaining market access, in Germany. Italy is an important market for all three carriers, ranking as number three for both Emirates and Qatar.
Intriguingly, Sweden and Norway are the MEB3’s smallest western European markets, being served only by Qatar Airways. Finland is also said to be on the Qatari carrier’s horizons.
Emirates flies to three countries in western European that the other two have so far ignored – the Netherlands Portugal and Malta.
Emirates dominates also in Eastern Europe, where Qatar Airways and Emirates appear to be “going to war” in Warsaw.