Where hotel fitness centres can go wrong

Should they open at 5am and close at midnight?

Larry Mogelonsky, founder of a full-service hospitality consulting and communications agency and a regular business traveller, lists points where some hotels are failing to provide decent fitness centres. It’s an important area, as guests are increasingly demanding healthy eating, exercise and wellness.

Mogelonsky says he is not an expert on fitness equipment, but he does stay at “35+ different properties annually”, so he sees a wide variety of fitness rooms.

First, a fitness centre has to open early, he says. “A 7am opening is way too late; 5am is better,” he advises. At the end of the day, “11pm or midnight works best”.

Other things that annoy him include stale air and poor ventilation; equipment that doesn’t work properly or is not properly maintained; too much equipment in a limited space; rusty metals, seen for example on cheap free-weights machines; cheap or thin towels; anything but perfect cleanliness (not dumbbells in different places, or sweat imprints on the mats); and surcharges for, say, for a bottle of water.


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