Where in Nordics has most expensive hotel rates?

And how do Nordic capitals compare to European cities?
Oslo narrowly beats Copenhagen for the most expensive hotel rooms in Scandinavia. But the biggest increase in rates by far during the third quarter of 2015 was in Stockholm.
Hotel solutions provider HRS has measured the average rate for stays in hotels of between one and five stars in cities throughout Europe and the world, based on non-cancelled bookings, during Q3 2015 compared to Q3 2014.
The average rate in Copenhagen rose 3.6% to €116, while Oslo was up 6.3% to €119. Stockholm’s average rate is lower, at €95, but is rising faster up 11.5% during the quarter. Helsinki’s rates also stand at €95, up 8%.
Elsewhere in Europe, London saw an increase of over 16%, with average room rates now reaching €199. That’s €21 more per night than the second most expensive European capital, Zurich, at €178.
Istanbul made a surprise new appearance at the number three spot with an average room rate of €157 per night.
Milan enjoyed the biggest room rate increase of nearly 20%, with rooms on average now costing €128 a night. While Paris, Rome and Madrid saw minor decreases in their average rates, Moscow’s fell by a massive 21% compared with Q3 2014, seeing rooms sell for just €92 per night in Q3 2015.
Travellers continued to find the cheapest rates in Prague, averaging just €70 per night, followed by Warsaw (€75) and Budapest (€80).
Looking at the international scene, room rates increased across major capital cities, reflecting an overall uplift across the global marketplace, HRS said.
New York, which had previously held the top spot, found itself sharing this position with Boston, which saw an increase in room rates of 35%, bringing its rooms in line with the Big Apple at an average cost of €275 per night. New York’s rates also grew by nearly 30%. In San Francisco, hotel owners set their rates at an average of €241.
In Asia, Tokyo enjoyed a huge increase in its rates, by 35%, taking the average nightly cost to €174. On the whole, Asia remains keenly priced – with Kuala Lumpur costing just €71 a night. Travellers can book nearly four nights in Malaysia’s capital compared with just one night’s stay in Boston or New York.
Visitors to Thailand appear to have regained confidence in visiting Bangkok. Having seen a 9% fall in room rates in 2014, data for Q3 2015 reports an increase of one third, with the average room now costing €76 per night.
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