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Where Swedes are heading for Easter

An online travel agency presents its top ten destinations for Swedes this year.

When spring first comes near, many Swedes are looking forward to taking some free time. Travellink, one of the Nordic region’s biggest online agencies, has looked at where they will travel at Easter this year.

Destinations such as Iceland, Poland and Greece are attracting more and more travellers from Sweden, but it is Spain and the UK that are still luring the most.

Spain tops the list for the second consecutive year, while other much-chosen destinations are Italy (5th on the list), Germany (6th) and France (7th). Domestic travel also remains popular.

“We see that Swedish travellers are choosing to travel to European cities even more than before. Countries like Britain and Poland are becoming increasingly popular and are placed second and third, respectively,” says Maryline Morini, Travellink’s head of customer communications.

“One reason is the exchange rates, since the British pound has lost value, making it more affordable for Swedish travellers to go to Britain.”

Sunday travellers
The average length of an Easter trip for Swedes is three days, according to Travellink, which was looking at departures over a two-week period. The most popular day to travel compared to the other days over the period is Easter Sunday (14%).

Travellink’s Top 10 countries for Swedes at Easter 2018, based on the number of travellers is:

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