Where to withdraw cash before travelling?

Avoid withdrawing at the airport before departure
Exchanging money or withdrawing cash in the Nordics before a trip abroad can make the journey more expensive, Norway Today and finance site Dinero.no warn.
The cheapest way to travel is to withdraw money wherever you go, not via ATMs at the airport to withdraw cash before departure, which have disadvantageous exchange rates.
“The airport’s exchange rates are soaring,” says Anders Fagereng at Dinero about Norway’s airports. “For a family spending a total of 2,000 euros on holiday [in Europe], this will amount to well over 600 kroner. That is 600 kroner that could have been saved if they had only waited to withdraw money once they had arrived at the holiday destination.”
The price difference is high with Thailand’s baht too. Withdrawing 50,000 baht (€1,310) at Oslo’s Gardermoen airport before departure will cost over NOK 1,000 more than it would cost withdrawing the money on arrival in Thailand, including Thai ATMs’ standard fee of 220 baht.
And when asked in shops or restaurants if you want to pay in your own or the local currency, choose the local currency, Norway Today concludes.
Norway Today

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