Which airlines make most money from extras?

Qantas makes more ancillary revenue per passenger



Charging extra fees from passengers to raise their comfort and convenience no longer seems to be characteristic of low-cost carriers. Qantas makes more money than any other airline from charging for additional services, raking in an average of US$56.20 per passenger in extras in 2012.

Next in the ancillary revenue list are AirAsiaX ($46.3 per passenger), Korean Air ($30.9), Virgin Atlantic ($30.4) and Jetstar ($29.6). Jetstar’s fees made up 18.6% of its total revenues.

The first report on ancillary revenues was researched in 2008 when only 23 airlines worldwide admitted to the practice. Then, the total money made was $2.4 billion.

Now, 53 airlines disclose ancillary revenue activity, totalling $27.1 billion in 2012. This is a 101% increase on the amount made in 2009.


[pictured: Boarding using Qantas Frequent Flier Card; courtesy Qantas]

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