Which cities have best and worst hotels in Europe?

Hotels in London have Europe’s worst reputation, those in Dresden the best

After collecting the rankings of over 1000 European cities, placed according to their hotels’ online reputations, the hotel comparison website Trivago.co.uk has concluded that London’s hotels have some of the lowest ratings from travellers. Hotels in the UK cities of London and Birmingham had scores of 72.2 and 74.15, respectively, out of 100. They compare with Berlin’s average score of 78.88, Madrid’s 78.35 and Rome’s 77.14. Factors such as room price are likely to have contributed to London’s review scores, the website commented, although high-priced cities like Stockholm did not do badly. Dresden came top overall with 82.32, closely followed by Krakow and Bruges.
The only cities to get worse scores than London were little-known Sliema in Malta (71.00) and the Spanish towns of Lloret del Mar (69.57) and El Arenal (66.78).
[pictured: Holiday Inn Dresden; courtesy IHG]