Who are world’s 10 most innovative airlines?

Korean Air, British Airways, Delta and KLM feature highly

Analysts at AirlineTrends.com have been keeping an eye on new initiatives and services are being launched by carriers around the world. Now the site announces the world’s ten most innovative airlines. The most innovative company in the air during the year, according the site, is Korean Air, which has positioned itself as a major hub carrier for passengers travelling between Asia and North America. Its A380 flagships have the lowest seat density of any A380 operator; it operates its own organic farm; and has attentive services such as coat storage and a women-only lounge at Seoul’s Incheon Airport, one of the best airports in the world.
British Airways is listed as the world’s second most innovative airline. Fighting multiple crises in recent years, BA has regained its stature with innovative programs and plans such as a five-year €6 billion investment program bringing in new aircraft, updating the economy and premium economy cabins, improving first class and improving service and catering.
Number three in the list is Delta Air Lines, which is investing $2 billion in products and services. In fourth place is KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, whose “strength lies in a tightly-knit, worldwide network and which has been “an early adopter of self-service options such as DIY luggage check-in, has a strong focus on sustainability (e.g, catering, biofuel), is rapidly expanding in China, aims to differentiate the passenger experience by adding local Dutch touches, and is a frontrunner in the adoption of social media.”
Other innovative airlines in the list are TAM (fifth), Qatar Airways (sixth), Virgin America (seventh), airBaltic (eighth), AirAsia (ninth) and All Nipon Airways (tenth).
[photo courtesy KLM Royal Dutch Airlines]

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