Who’d want to fly in a pilotless plane?

Planes without pilots could appear as soon as 2025
Throwing out the cockpit would save airlines billions – more than $35 billion a year. But would anyone want to fly?
As things stand today, just 17% of passengers would be willing to step into a plane without a pilot, according to a study by UBS. Yet the tech needed to operate such planes could appear as soon as 2025.
It would be another five years before automated business jets and cargo planes take off, with commercial aircraft without pilots following after that. By then we’d have driverless cars, so we might get used to the idea.
Commercial flights already fly and land with on-board computers, with debateable results.
Airlines are struggling to find pilots, with the situation expected to intensify over the coming years. Boeing says that passenger and cargo airlines worldwide will buy 41,000 new planes between 2017 and 2036, meaning they will need to find and train 637,000 new pilots. So for airlines, theoretically, pilotless planes would boost profitability.


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