Whose economy class is worst in the world?

Turkmenistan Airlines has “terrible rankings on Skytrax”

As we all know, coach class can be terrible – tight seats, bad food, grudging service. But who‘s the worst of the worst? Business Insider Australia and airline reviewer Skytrax tried to find out, using data like seat comfort, inflight entertainment, meals and inflight service.
Ryanair and Spirit came in 11th and 18th worst, respectively. Here‘s the top ten:
1. Turkmenistan Airlines (rated 30.8 on a 100-points scale)
2. Sudan Airways (33.3)
3. Ukraine International Airlines (36.3)
4. Uzbekistan Airways (37.5)
5. Air Koryo (39.2)
6. Bulgaria Air (41.8)
7. Rossiya Airlines (42.7)
8. Iceland Express (42.8)
9. Tajik Air (43.3)
10. Syrian Air (44.8)
On Turkmenistan Airlines, the report says that with “terrible rankings on Skytrax for inflight entertainment, seat comfort, service efficiency, staff response to passenger requests and staff language skills” it is “the worst airline you can find.”
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