Why aren’t there more women pilots?

Poll reveals why women don’t apply to fly

Most women were put off a career as a professional airline pilot when they were growing up for reasons such as the lack of visible role models and being told it was a man’s job, a new poll commissioned by British Airways reveals.

The airline recently launched an awareness campaign for more female pilots in the aviation industry, together with TV presenter and pilot Carol Vorderman.

As many as 63% of respondents in the survey said they were discouraged from pursuing a career in the skies. Of these, 20% said that when growing up, pilots were played by men on TV and in films; 20% said they thought women could only be cabin crew, 13% said they had never been on a plane flown by a female pilot; and 10% said they were told it was a man’s job when growing up.

BA says it will be recruiting pilots in 2015, including those new to flying through the airline’s cadet training scheme, the British Airways Future Pilot Program. Aimed at anyone aged 18 to 55 with no previous flying experience, the program opens to new applicants on February 23.

The airline hopes that its recent campaign for more female pilots will encourage more women to apply. British Airways also plans to continue recruiting trained pilots from other airlines and the armed forces.

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[photo courtesy British Airways]