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Widerøe Airlines flies to Montenegro

The Norwegian carrier Widerøe has begun operating flights to Tivat using the latest generation of the Embraer E190 aircraft.

The largest regional airline from Norway, Widerøe Airlines, has begun operating flights to Montenegro with its Embraer E190-E2 aircraft.

This carrier made its first flight on the seasonal regular line of Oslo-Tivat-Oslo, and the plane carrying approximately 100 tourists from Norway arrived on the Montenegrin coast on Sunday, June 23.

The travellers were met with a traditional festive welcome at the airport in Tivat, with water cannons spraying a salute from fire trucks.

First lasts
This was the first arrival in Montenegro of an aircraft from the E2 generation of the Embraer E190 regional jets.

Widerøe Airlines was the first company in the world to purchase these aircraft from the Brazilian manufacturer, and their aircraft entered service last spring.

Stein Nilsen, Widerøe’s president and chief executive, said then, “It’s the first jet in our fleet. And we’ll always have the distinction of being the first airline to fly the E2. We see a bright future with our new E2 jets.”

Embraer claims that passengers on these aircraft experience a quiet, environmentally friendly flight with “the lowest external noise and emissions levels of any aircraft in its category”, burning 17.3% less fuel than the first-generation E190.

On the first day the flight from Norway arrived, at least 42 other regular and chartered aircraft landed in Tivat.

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