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Widerøe makes first E190-E2 flight

Passengers flying from Bergen to Tromsø experience “low cabin noise and more stowage space”.

Nordic regional carrier Widerøe has completed the world’s first scheduled passenger flight of an Embraer E190-E2, connecting opposite ends of Norway.

Operating as flight WF622, the sold-out flight departed Bergen at 07:35 on Tuesday and arrived in Tromsø exactly two hours later at 09:35.

The flight marks the official entry into service of the first of three new E-Jet E2s that Embraer has developed to succeed its first-generation E-Jets. Further deliveries of the larger version of the E195 are due to start in 2019, and in 2021 for the smaller E175-E2.

Embraer say that the passengers experienced a quiet, environmentally friendly flight with “the lowest external noise and emissions levels of any aircraft in its category”, burning 17.3% less fuel than the first-generation E190.

A smoother ride
The redesigned E2 interior features “new acoustic treatments, an improved quiet air conditioning system and more stowage space”.

The manufacturer claims that cabin noise levels are up to 50% lower than in competitor aircraft – achieved through a low-drag and low-noise airframe design, reducing the required engine thrust.

“I know Widerøe’s customers are going to love flying on such a green airplane,” exclaimed John Slattery, president and CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation.

Stein Nilsen, Widerøe’s president and chief executive, added: “Today, we’re celebrating the beginning of a new era for Widerøe. It’s the first jet in our fleet. And we’ll always have the distinction of being the first airline to fly the E2. We see a bright future with our new E2 jets.”

The airline will receive two more E190-E2s this year, and it holds purchase rights for an additional 12 E2s. The total value of the order is around $873 million if all rights are exercised.

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