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Widerøe Bombardier Dash-8 (photo: Widerøe)

Widerøe technical fault cancels flights

A malfunction during a software update has been behind a wave of cancellations this week.

Technical issues have affected flights operated by the Norwegian regional airline Widerøe this week.

The airline, which flies 43 aircraft to 47 destinations, most of them in Norway, was forced to ground eight of its aircraft on Sunday, ostensibly due to errors with a software update.
This meant that passengers experienced delays also into Monday.

“We have had cancellations in parts of Finnmark, Nordland and Troms because aircraft were not where they were supposed to be,” Catharina Solli, head of communications, explained to the newspaper VG. “Passengers are being taken care of and rebooked onto later flights.”

Eight planes
The company confirmed that a malfunction during a software update had been behind the cancellations.

“This has been an unusual situation for us and it is very regrettable. Eight aircraft is a lot,” Solli admitted.

The aircraft in question were in the air again on Monday but Sunday’s delays caused an “unfortunate domino effect” spilling over into the new week, the communications director said.

The technical fault, the precise cause of which is unknown, did not affect all of the company’s aircraft, and Solli advises “passengers to arrive for departures at normal times unless they have heard anything from us”.

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