Wildfires hit Greenland after record heat

Police warn tourists and hikers to stay away
Hard-to-reach wildfires are burning in western parts of Greenland, and police have warned tourists and hikers to stay away from the areas.
The wildfires, some of which have been burning since July 31, have scorched swathes of scrubland. On August 10, the glacier-filled island recorded its hottest-ever temperature, 24.8°C.
Last year was Greenland’s warmest ever. The Danish territory has lost around 4,000 gigatons of ice since 1995. That makes it the biggest single contributor to rising sea levels.
The police said it “discourages all traffic – including hiking and hunting – in two areas around Nassuttooq and Amitsorsuaq”, adding: “The fires are not expected to end within the next few days.”

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