Windowless planes to take off within 10 years?

Airlines could get excited by idea to radically cut weight

Developers in the UK are working on a new type of aircraft in which the usual heavy windows are replaced with light smartscreen panels, cutting both fuel consumption and air fares. They say the first plane like this could be in the skies – and with a full view of the skies – within 10 years.

An early concept for the windowless plane imagines how large, hi-definition, ultra-thin displays could form the inside of the fuselage, displaying exterior images via cameras on the outside of the plane.

The concept by the Centre for Process Innovation uses technology found in mobile phones and televisions. What could get airlines excited is the idea that it would radically reduce weight.

The screens would be made using organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), a combination of materials that project their own light if powered by electricity. But one problem with this technology is its sensitivity to moisture, which means that in phones and televisions they are usually encased in inflexible glass. The key would be to create flexible OLEDs.

The Guardian

[photo: Tomasz Wyszo/mirski/ww.dabarti/CPI]

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