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Wizz Air A320 (photo: © Thorbjørn Brunander Sund, danishaviationphoto.com)

Wizz Air guarantees free carry-on bag

In a new “customer-focused” baggage policy, the budget carrier says an on-board bag is guaranteed for all.

The low-cost carrier Wizz Air is bringing in a new “transparent” baggage policy from November 1, guaranteeing that all passengers can take one free carry-on bag into the cabin.

Each passenger can carry on a bag measuring up to 40x30x20 cm, while passengers who buy what is called the Wizz Priority boarding option will also be allowed to carry a trolley bag up to 55x40x23 cm into the cabin.

Bookings without Wizz Priority that were made before October 10 for travel after November 1 will be upgraded with a free 10kg checked-in bag, while bookings with a checked-in bag will be upgraded with Wizz Priority, TTG reports.

Based on customer feedback and “changing travel patterns”, the airline has also launched a smaller 10kg checked-in bag option to “facilitate comfortable travel experience” with prices starting from €7.

Wizz thinks its “clear and fair” policy will allow passengers to choose from more than 50 carry-on and checked-in baggage variations based on their individual preferences. It also claims it will lead to faster boarding and turnaround times.

Pay per need
Wizz quotes data showing that more than 10,000 flights a year are hit by baggage-related delays.

The airline also claims that its passengers’ average length of stay in their destinations has declined over the last five years, so that now a third of them book trips for three days or less.

It is as a result of this data that Wizz has rearranged its baggage policy to cater for passengers who pack “light and smart”.

“Passengers want unbundled products and that is at the heart of Wizz Air’s ultra-low-cost model. We want to offer our customers the lowest possible fares as well as a transparent view of ticket pricing,” explains Johan Eidhagen, Wizz Air’s chief marketing officer.

“By unbundling products and services, Wizz Air democratises travel and allows for a pay-per-need offer.”

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