Woman gives birth in business class

Cabin crew call for doctors over the intercom

A British Airways flight from Nigeria to London has made an emergency landing on a Spanish island after a woman gave birth in business class, just 26 weeks into her pregnancy.

Ujunwa Eneh Ozeh, 31, suddenly went into labour at 36,000 feet during the Abuja-London Heathrow flight. Fellow passengers alerted cabin crew who asked for doctors over the intercom. A female doctor was on board and was able to oversee the birth with the help of flight crew, who are trained in birthing procedures.

The pilot made an emergency landing at Palme de Mallorca. Mother and baby were rushed to the island’s Son Espases Hospital. The baby remains in the intensive care unit and will stay in hospital until August.

“I don’t have any other option than to stay here on the island,” said the mother-of-two, who was travelling with her one-year-old daughter en route to Washington in the US for a holiday. “My baby needs me to just hang in there for him until it is safe for him to come home with me.”

Daily Mail

[pictured: A380; courtesy British Airways]