Woman rescued after swimming after cruise ship

Fishermen rescue tourist after ship leaves her behind
A 65-year-old woman who jumped into the sea to try to catch up with her cruise ship after it left without her is lucky to be alive, said the people who rescued her.
Susan Brown was pulled out of the water in Madeira by fisherman who heard her cries, after swimming the Atlantic Ocean for more than three hours chasing the Marco Polo. She was suffering from severe hypothermia. According to reports, her handbag had kept her afloat.
She and her husband Michael, from the UK, were on a 32-day cruise from the Caribbean when they decided to cut their trip short. But Susan changed her mind at the airport and they got separated. Michael flew back to the UK without her.
She leaped into the water as the cruise ship left Funchal in the evening. She was rushed to a local hospital but is reported now to be recovering.
The Daily Buzz / Metro / Daily Star

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