World’s first Starbucks on a train – in Europe

Starbucks launch showcases innovation of travel experience

Starbucks Coffee Company and the Swiss rail company SBB have unveiled the first Starbucks café on a train, offering travellers coffee and snacks on the train line running between Geneva Airport and St Gallen.

The exterior of the red-and-white car is branded with the Starbucks “siren” logo on both sides. Inside, the car is split between two levels seating up to 50 people.

Upstairs features a lounge area with “an intimate feel”. To add Swiss-inspired details, dials resembling watch faces were built into all of the upstairs tables. Each has a number on it which is also used to support table service, so customers can order from their seats and have drinks delivered.

“It was an incredible and rewarding challenge to design our first ever Starbucks store on a train”, said Liz Muller, director of concept design for Starbucks. “We had to [take] into account a variety of factors such as the constant movement of the train, space limitation and stringent safety regulations. This is one of the smallest espresso bars and stores we have ever designed and is a result of a unique collaboration of experts, including local designers and engineers from SBB.”

Railway Gazette

[photo courtesy Starbucks]