World’s largest Legoland to open in Autumn

Florida’s Cypress Gardens theme park revamped

The 150-acre park will have over 50 rides, shows and attractions. It will also include a retail store, a 4D 700-seat theatre, and a clubhouse where kids can play LEGO Universe, the brand’s Massively Multiplayer Online Game. It will be Legoland’s fifth park. It possesses other attraction parks in Denmark, Germany, the UK and California, USA.
The first Legoland opened in Copenhagen in 1968. After Florida, the next opening is set for 2012 in Malaysia. In Europe, Legoland  remains a popular destination. Windsor received 1.9 million visitors in 2010 and Legoland Billund, in Denmark, counted 1.65 million guests.
[pictured: countdown]