World’s top 10 overrated tourist attractions?

Perhaps give Stonehenge, The Louvre and the Colosseum a miss…

What are the world’s most overrated tourist attractions, but you were too polite or surprised to admit it? Yahoo! Travel put together a list of its own top 10 and its suggestions for alternative sights, though it admits and cautions that this is “a hot potato of a travel topic”.
1. The Louvre, Paris: You may be excused for feeling disappointment because the Mona Lisa is so small, and experience “art-overload” at the rest. Alternative: Musée d’Orsay. 2. Rome Colosseum: “The guys dressed as gladiators … make it all a bit fancy-dress-party”. Alternative: Pula in Croatia. 3. The Beach in Thailand: The paradise location of Koh Phi Phi beach (where the movie “The Beach” was filmed) was notoriously bulldozed and expanded, and now it’s crowded with sightseers. Alternative: the islands, coral reefs and waterfalls of Mu Ko Chang Marine National Park. 4. Stonehenge: A high entrance fee, distanced view and crowds of coach parties make it difficult to feel a sense of awe. Alternative: nearby Avebury Ring. 5. Madeira: Overrun by pale Europeans. Alternative: The Azores. 6. The Leaning Tower of Pisa: Crowds of tourists trying to take the “pretending-to-hold-the-tower-up” photograph. Alternative: Suurhusen in northwest Germany, where the 14th-century church tilts even further. 7. Chichen Itza: These Mayan ruins in Mexico are overrun by over-enthusiastic souvenir sellers. Alternative: Coba, a less-known pyramid. 8. Disneyland, Florida: Hot and crowded with over-excited kids. Alternative: the interactive sea-world and waterpark at Aquatica. 9. Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco: “Too Disney-fied”. Alternative: Santa Cruz. 10. Prague: Architecturally beautiful, “but it’s completely overrun by tourism” in the summer. Alternative: Bratislava.
Yahoo! Travel
[pictured: Stonehenge]