World could have just “10-12 airlines”

Wave of massive consolidation could happen
Just 10 to 12 airlines could dominate the world’s skies in the future if ownership rules are relaxed. This was one of the predictions at the CAPA Airline Leader Summit in Dublin last week.
Henrik Hololei, the European Commission’s director general for mobility & transport, said in a panel discussion that if airline ownership regulations were opened up, a period of huge consolidation would result in a minimal number of mega-airlines.
This trend has arguably already started and a small number of players now control the European and US markets.
IAG chief Willie Walsh agreed, though he added that there would still be “value in brands” and airline groups would still appear to operate as multiple carriers.
Airline groups would prefer more mergers and acquisitions, he said, but with current ownership rules joint ventures and alliances are the “best we can do under the current regime”.
He added that he was “not a fan” of equity alliances but that Qatar Airways’ 15% investment in IAG had been “very successful”.
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