World’s biggest aircraft engine ready for flight

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General Electric

GE9X made for future Boeing 777X is mounted for tests

The world’s largest engine is ready for flight. The GE9X made by General Electric for the forthcoming Boeing 777X has been mounted on a 747-400 for tests in Victorville, California, with the aim of test flights starting at the end of the year.

The 777X is a new series in the long-range widebody 777 family currently under development. Besides the new GE9X engines it will also feature new composite wings with folding wingtips.

In the 777X series, the 777-8 has seating for 365 passengers and a range of over 8,700 nautical miles (16,110 kilometres), while the 777-9 has seating for 414 and a range of over 7,600 nmi (14,075 km). The 777-9 is scheduled to fly in early 2019 with deliveries to begin in December 2019.

Ground clearance
The GE9X’s proportions make it the biggest jet engine ever developed. The first image of the engine shows how General Electric “has had to cantilever the extremely large powerplant forward and slightly up above the leading edge to provide adequate ground clearance,” as Aviation Daily puts it.

GE bought the former Japan Airlines 747-400 in December 2010 for tests of a new series of engines.

The initial flight-test engines for the first 777X will be shipped to Boeing later in 2018.

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