World’s biggest Lego ship model to go on display

Queen Mary model made using quarter of a million Lego bricks
A 790cm-long model of the Queen Mary made using a quarter of a million Lego bricks is being exhibited at the real Queen Mary, now a floating hotel moored at Long Beach, California. It is the world’s biggest Lego-brick model of a ship.
Cunard Lines built what would become the world’s most famous ocean liner in Scotland in 1936. The UK’s certified Lego builders Bright Bricks Inc. recently rebuilt it with the famous Danish interlocking plastic bricks.
“The agreement to display our model on the ship is the perfect end to a wonderful Lego adventure,” said Bright Bricks co-founder Ed Diment.
The Lego Group certifies only a few official model makers. “Companies from around the world hire us to interpret their products or brand using Lego bricks,” Diment said. “But, in this case, we decided to build the Queen Mary for our own satisfaction. It required four professional builders and over 250,000 individual Lego bricks. It took almost four months to complete the project.”
To better connect children and others with the historical persona of the Queen Mary, the decision was made to display the model in an exclusive space and to surround it with building stations where kids and Lego enthusiasts can make their own versions of the ship, or anything else that comes to mind.
Over the last two years the Queen Mary has attracted close to four million visitors. The model of the vessel begins its exhibition on July 4.
TTG Nordic