World’s biggest plane does stunt over Denmark

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A380 test aircraft ‘draws’ Christmas tree, with ‘star’ over Aalborg

Something festive took place in the skies over Denmark and Germany last week. But it wasn’t Santa’s sleigh. An A380 superjumbo flew to make a huge pattern of a Christmas tree.

A test aircraft of the world’s biggest passenger plane took from the Airbus factory near Hamburg.

Owned by Emirates, the plane flew above the Ruhr and Luxembourg, turned towards Nuremburg and continued towards eastern Germany and then Denmark.

With a series of sharp turns and circles, a pattern emerged for air traffic controllers and anyone else who was tracking the aircraft.

The radar tracking website Flightradar24 tweeted its record of the A380’s route, clearly revealing the festive nature of the flight.

Circling over Aalborg
It took five hours at an altitude of 12,000 metres for the A380 to ‘draw’ a Christmas tree above Europe as it navigated its way through the continent’s busy aviation traffic. The star at the top of the tree was drawn over Aalborg, where the aircraft circled several times.

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