World’s first permanent ice hotel opens

Icehotel 365 kept cool using midnight sun’s solar power
Icehotel 365, the world’s first permanent ice hotel, opened last week in Jukkasjärvi, near Kiruna, northern Sweden.
In winter the hotel is covered in snow. In summer it will be cooled using the solar power of the midnight sun, covered with turf and planted with Arctic flowers.
There are 20 suites including 11 ‘art suites’ and nine deluxe suites. More than 40 artists, designers and architects from nine countries worked on the hotel.
All year round, surrounded by frozen art, guests can sleep on beds of ice at -5C. In the Dreamscape suite, designed and built by British architects, guests climb an ice staircase to a ‘floating’ bed held in place by tentacles of ice.
Next to Icehotel 365 is the Ice Hotel, which melts each spring. Around 30,000 litres of water from the River Torne are used in the construction of both properties. The Guardian has photos of Icehotel 365 here.
The Guardian