World’s first remote control air tower opens in Sweden

Pilots experience no difference in their communications
The world’s first ever remote air control tower has opened at a tiny airport in northern Sweden. A plane landed successfully at Örnsköldsvik Airport at around noon yesterday, having flown from Sundsvall. Both take-off and landing were guided by Sundsvall’s air traffic control tower.
According to LFV, Sweden’s Air Navigation Service Provider, cameras and sensors collect live information at the remote tower in Örnsköldsvik, which is monitored by the controllers in Sundsvall. The pilots experienced no difference in their communications during the maiden flight.
“Remote Tower Services is a development program that we are very proud of. We are the first operator in the world to receive operational approval and there is a lot of interest among our customers in Sweden and around the world,” said Olle Sundin, LFV’s director-general, in a statement.
“We see great interest from both small and large airports that have a need for Remote Tower Services in order to address the challenges they face,” added Håkan Buskhe, president and CEO of Saab, which cooperated on the project.
AFP / The Local
[photo courtesy LFV]

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