World’s remotest hotel gets five-star refit

$99,000 price tag is actually not a bad deal
Its snow-covered bubbles in the middle of the Antarctic wilderness don’t look like much, but at the world’s most remote hotel, guests pay $99,000 to endure 11 nights in sub-zero temperatures in Earth’s harshest climate.
There is plenty of demand, with members of the British and Saudi royal families, for example, signing up for a stay at the White Desert camp, which just got a five-star revamp to mark its 10th anniversary.
There are six heated fibreglass domes known as ‘sleeping pods’, now with lavish interiors, each standing on a rugged strip of land between a frozen lake and towering walls of ice.
Bedrooms have bamboo headboards, Saarinen chairs, fur throws, and en suite bathrooms with Lost Explorer-brand toiletries made by the de Rothschild family. Antique wooden skis adorn the walls.
Wines and ingredients for meals are flown in from Cape Town, the dishes prepared by an on-site chef who cooks privately for British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton.
The $99,000 price tag includes an 11-night stay, return airfares from Cape Town, food, drinks, guides, polar clothing, a tax to offset carbon emissions – and the incredible views of landscapes and wildlife.
New Zealand Herald

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