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Wow Air named “worst airline in the world”

AirHelp, a worldwide flight compensation company, has published a list of 72 airlines ranked by service quality and other factors.

AirHelp, a flight compensation company with offices around the world, has come up with a ranking of 72 airlines, revealing the best and worst.

It is the company’s sixth annual AirHelp Score, rating carriers based on factors such as service quality, on-time performance and claim processing.

With offices in London, Hong Kong, New York and Gdańsk, AirHelp is a technology firm providing legal services to passengers who have experienced flight cancellations, delays or overbooking when traveling into or out of the European Union.

A spokesperson for the company tells the news site Business Insider that to ensure consistency, if data was not available an airline was excluded from the survey, which explains the total of 72 carriers.

At the bottom
Of the 13 lowest scoring carriers, listed by Business Insider, six were European.

The Icelandic carrier Wow Air is placed at the very bottom of AirHelp’s ranking, in 72nd place with a damning overall score of 5.04/10. It scored 75% for on-time performance, which is higher than some others on the list, but has just 1.68 points for claims processing and a mark of six for quality of service.

Other airlines in the list include Royal Jordanian with 5.13 out of ten, which was also marked down on claims processing and quality of service; Pakistan International Airlines at 5.43 due to a very poor on-time performance score and claims processing; and easyJet with 5.66 due to abysmal claims processing points.

Rated not much higher are Air Mauritius (5.99), Ryanair (6.03), Korean Air and Iberia both on 6.13, and Aerolineas Argentinas and Jet Airways both with 6.20, rounding off the ten lowest ranked airlines on the AirHelp list.

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